Thursday, June 9, 2011

this is what mother's do

this is what mother's do:
they exasperate their children,
Although, I am sure that in the bible somewhere 
there is a verse that tells parents not to exasperate their children.
Nonetheless, I, as a mother, exasperate my youngest son,
still at home,
in the kitchen
right now,
furiously blending the blender with a protein shake
for dinner.
Because I, as a mother, asked him earlier to call the Pizza Place,
"It is good practice for when you are on your own."
I said, walking down the hall, away from his room,
hearing a large sigh followed by a
"I'll fix my own dinner."

This is what mother's do
to their sons,
and quite frankly
I am sure,
other men in their lives.

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