Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sedona and beyond.

Sunday, after leaving the G.C. (grand canyon) we drove south down highway 64, purchased gas (thank God for hybrids) and continued on to Sedona, bypassing Williams, bypassing Flagstaff. The drive down hwy 89 into Sedona is, to me, always magical. Because it is there that you go from  a tree laden rolling topography and drop, literally it seems, into a magical canyon. Walls tower up as you drive down, down, down, and between the walls peek forests and small meadows and things actually grow and in the midst of it all, there is a meandering stream (which does frighten me somewhat when I wonder what would happen should a significant rainfall Nonetheless, there was no rain and the sun was out and the day grew warmer the deeper within the hills we drove. The boys of course were giving me a hard time, teasing me about wood elves, etc.
Continuing on down 89, through the bustling community of coffee shops and restaurants and clothing stores  and tourist attractions which comprise Sedona, you will hit a round-about. Continue through this round-about to 179, at this point there are still shops and other attractions. Five miles or more on (and a fair number of round-abouts) and there, in a valley, surrounded by red rocks is yet another small outpost (The Village of Oak Creek). Take Bell Canyon Road and the first round-about will put you onto Castle Rock Road which will shortly lead you to where we stayed, the Red Agave Resort. It was wonderful. They were very nice. We asked for ideas on a place to eat (it was after 5p.m.) and they pointed us within walking distance to a very reasonable Thai was good, it was okay (not as good as the Thai trailer at Cooper's Landing or even the Thai restaurant downtown (fave) )...Nonetheless, we freshened up, changed and walked to the restaurant. Returning to our "home", some s'mores and talk around the nightly campfire which smelled slightly of cedar (was something else indigenous to the area--Mesquite) and beds.

View from the second story A-frame. Each unit (like ours) stands alone, there is a central courtyard with pool and hot tub and firepit...there are nightly fires with s'mores and good talk.

Ray and Chase relaxing (one couch is a pull-out sleeper which we didn't use, didn't need but fyi...)also, the wi-fi capabilities are VERY spotty..(they are looking into another carrier)..the office has a computer..

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