Thursday, March 31, 2011

spring break 2011

There was planning and saving...
There was packing
Then the day came when I got off work at 8 a.m. and
drove home. Slept quickly only to wake and pack the car.
And drive to Ray's (middle son's) place.
And pack his stuff.
Then drive to Chase's house (Ray's bring-along-as-suggested-friend).
Chase is very intelligent, very smart. Like Ray, he is another
Engineering student. He is meticulous.
He is so sloooowww.

We packed his stuff in the car and by 4:30p.m., we were on the road.
We drove.
and drove.
and drove.

We stopped and ate. We took turns driving. We slept, or sort of slept and kept it up for twenty-two hours, twenty-three, twenty four....
l-r Chase and Ray, somewhere in New Mexico.
We stopped and repacked the car somewhere in New Mexico.

Then we saw our first snow capped mountain as we were driving towards Flagstaff, AZ.
First snow-capped mountain, somewhere outside of Flagstaff.
After what felt like a too-long day.
We reached the Grand Canyon, dirty and tired and...EXHILARATED! (but still dirty and tired)...
It was completely breathtaking! (it took my breath away). Then it snowed....

We spent the night in the park. At Masiwik...(Masiwik has cabins, you know)..However, we stayed more in the lodgey-like place. Our room backed to the woods. Gnoshing in front of our lodge, were Elk.
An Elk, gnoshing.

Now if you stay IN the park, the Grand Canyon staff suggests that you wake to see the sunrise over the canyon (a short walk from our lodging). However, after being awake the previous twenty-four hours, we all slept in until nearly 8:00 (a.m.)....and so, missed the sunrise..

to be continued....
Me, squinting and freezing...and exhausted!


  1. That HUGE picture of the Grand Canyon is truly breathtaking. What a GREAT photo!

  2. aw...thanks! tough to take a bad photo of the g.c.