Sunday, October 3, 2010

sunday tradition..

Sunday. A day of missing church, of sleeping in, of driving to Woo-murt, of driving to Schnuck's and using a coupon which was not effective until Wednesday but of course, I could not read that, not without my glasses but the guy at the check-out took it anyway, the girl at the end of the counter said, "Oh, I've accepted them today" as she bagged the groceries.

It has been a busy week. Simon is coming over from England to take pictures of the wedding and to visit his dad (my brother). We are driving to Phoenix because he loves the wide open spaces of America, and after his visit, he will fly to Bolivia on 'assignment'. (A shameless promotion from a very proud aunt.)

Oh yes, and Phoenix, where the high today will be in the upper nineties. Phoenix, where they fry eggs on the sidewalks. Phoenix, I think while pulling summer clothes, dress and otherwise from the closet. A pair of linen pants and a simple white Gap t-shirt with a nifty fitted jacket for the wedding. Jeans and khakis and white cotton shirts for the trip down. One jacket and a scarf. Running shoes and pajamas. Phoenix and really, all I want to do is stay home and sleep with the cats on the bed with the sun streaming through the windows while time passes by, but that isn't life, not really (but oh I'm so very tired while writing this :)...

This is life! Sunday afternoon lunch with the boys and Natalie and ice-cream cake for dessert (Cold Stone Creamery)...just sitting around talking, during and following the meal, while the fig slept in a bedroom down the hall, and after lunch? Holding the baby and clean-up and a nap.

Sunday lunch (and leftovers)...a family tradition....