Monday, September 6, 2010

work in middle-life

Last night Dylan stood in the doorway of my room while I perused the University job list and pondered a significant pay cut. He rolled his eyes and asked, "How long would it take you to become a nurse anesthetist?".."Oh, four years..maybe." He thinks I should go that route. Others have said the same. I'm not so sure. The positives? A six figure income. The negatives? Sitting on a small stool at someone's head in a closed off sterile container room for the rest of my life. schnorrrrr. Or. what? That is the question and the funny thing about middle life. The desire for something more. To work for something rather than JUST the money earned. And I will work, until the day I die. And that is another thing about middle life: wanting to do something (work-wise) that gets the blood going, that one enjoys!
Of course. With the economic situation the way it is, aren't I just lucky to have a job? Yes. But...

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