Monday, September 13, 2010

end of summer

The days are warm, nearly like mid summer rather than late summer and persimmons are falling and mums are for sale. Soon, we'll set out pumpkins.

Winter clothes have been pulled from the closets and put in drawers. The early fall cleaning has begun in preparation for winter. Tomorrow it will be gutters and downspouts.

Ray turned nineteen today, has changed his major to Environmental Engineering. We had dinner at the International Cafe on Hitt street, across from the Belvedere. The tables were worn, the restaurant, dirty. The woman behind the counter looked exhausted. She rang out our bill twice, as if not believing the amount. We took our drinks and sat on the patio where mosquitoes swarmed around Chuck's ankles and sunlight dappled the tables. The baby lay on his lap, taking a bottle. We talked. Usually we end up at a nicer restaurant for birthday celebrations...How we ended up there, I still don't know. Ray ate a kabob on a bed of rice. I handed him the birthday envelope. "Happy Birthday Ray.".."Thanks mom."....

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