Wednesday, August 18, 2010

something new

It wasn't like I thought it would be. No. In fact. Before today I had not even wondered what IT would be like. But yesterday was nice, well, really good in fact, with a long bicycle ride to Hartsburg to eat at Dotty's Cafe. Only Dotty's cafe is closed Monday and Tuesday. So I used the old 'depot' toilet and washed my hands, drying them on my shorts, and proceeded to ride around the village of Hartsburg, which really is a nice place and to get there via trail it is an easy ride of, well, twenty-two or so miles from my front door, sixteen point five from McBaine which is a trail-head south of where we live (Dylan and I). So all told, I rode about forty-four miles yesterday and was home before noon.

But today. Today was the best day, the stellar day, if you will. Because today, at six seventeen in the evening, a child was born. My first grandchild. And he is completely beautiful. I'll spare you the details but somehow, I was fortunate enough to be the only person in the room this evening and so held him for a long time while his dad (my son) was out (at Lee Street Deli) making a sandwich for the new mother, and while she was calling her friends, telling them about her son, about the experience, about, the television droned on and she talked, I held him, the smallest most precious bundle (in all the world), and watched him chew on his hands and sneeze, after which he would scrunch up his little face and frown and then, and then, fall asleep, making little humming sounds periodically before attempting to open his eyes. And when his eyes were finally opened, I very softly talked to him and told him how precious he is and how very blessed he is. And he, concurred.


  1. Congratulations:)
    the smallest most precious bundle.....

  2. oh thank you. he is precious!