Thursday, July 29, 2010

our lives now

The new place is small. My hairdresser laughed when I told her where we live now. "Whats so funny, what's so funny?"..but she wouldn't say. She's a young woman. Her mother is my age. She is smart about dating and things like that. Things, that at her age, I was not smart about. Ergo the marriage, the divorce and the whole messy business of learning how to date in middle age before giving it all up.

The boys friends don't come over so much anymore. We no longer have a pool at our disposal, nor the space for boys to hang out. One afternoon before the weather turned hot, I saw Ray and Dylan walk down the street and throw a frisbee in a church parking lot. What must it be like for my children who really, are no longer children but are young men, nearing the end of their teenage years, to have their mother up and sell a house which they loved, which I loved, because of a restructuring of finance? What do they think? Truthfully, I haven't asked them yet.

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