Saturday, May 29, 2010

there may yet be hope...

He walked to the house, long and lanky with a swinging gait. "Hey mom."..and we talked about the cell phone bill which he had come to pay, the whys, the wherefores, the hows. The money was lent to him by his girlfriend. Then again he lends to her as needed, he says, she says. And he is, in the end, a thoughtful young man. "So are you and Nat going to get married?"..And my thinking has, up to this point been, one big mistake has been made why make another? Nonetheless, I ask, to which he replies, "We're sorta just playing it by ear for now."..So okay, it is a possibility.

In the movie 'Rachel Getting Married', the father claps and jumps and smiles and does a jiggety jig when he finds out that his soon to be married daughter is pregnant. A grandchild!! Internally I have done this. Internally, I do this jumping and singing and in my heart waiting for the moment when again, I'll hold a precious squirming baby. But oh my, those two, the reality of raising a child...

"So who will they get to babysit?" It was Sereatha, sitting on the low side of the nurses station in the MICU. "Oh, I don't know. Probably her mom and of course, I will, if they want me to, I'll offer anyway." Truthfully, I would love to 'babysit' a grandchild. Truthfully, I am so looking forward to 'helping'. But life has a funny way of changing course, one just never knows but can only hope.

We finished talking, Chuck and I. He stood near the front door. "I'm going to go.".."Ok. Hug first." And so, this oh-so-tall and lanky son of mine bent down and hugged his mom. "Bye mom. I'll help you move."..."Ok bye" and we wave as he walks away.

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