Sunday, May 2, 2010


On friday my mother stopped by for a visit. She was on her way to St. Louis to visit with the sibs and their families. To see grandkids and great-grandkids. We went to a lovely new "greek" restaurant which serves a flavorful babba ganuche (sp?) and a less flavorful yet still interesting (due to the hot pepper mix in the center), hummus. That was thursday evening. That evening Chuck came over to the house for a visit and angled for a lunch out the following day and so, on friday, mother, Chuck and I went to the Uprise Bakery and sat down and ate.

There was a prisoner (a literal in the big house kinda prisoner) that I took care of the other night at work. We were chatting. The guard sat in his chair in the shadows. The prisoner was chained to his bed. How did the conversation turn? Where and when did we get on the subject of control?.. "I don't really believe we ever have control, however, we do have choices." I told him, as if he didn't know. And that is where the boys are, where I am. What does control our lives? Who controls our lives? Exeno, exeno..I don't know, I don't know..But what I do know is that we have that eternal, blessed, free will. And it seems, right now, we are all on the cusp of grand choices..(or is it illusions?). hm..

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