Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Yesterday, Dylan came home from school for lunch. He and Alayna helped themselves to things leftover in the fridge and talked while I continued painting, clothes dust-covered from the earlier sanding.
It was sunny yesterday and the boys were in good spirits and Dylan said, "The house looks good mom." While the realtor walked around taking pictures. There is still so much to be done. "What is there to do?" he asked, and we talked about what remains to be done, mulching, killing moles, and yes, I did say killing because the cats are completely ineffective and lackadaisical when it comes to the moles. As far as I can tell, Star simply likes to go outside and trot around a bit then return to the house to sleep on the upstairs beds, or the couch or in a patch of sunshine on the floor. He is more of a watcher these days, sitting at the dining room window, watching, watching. While Ron, don't even get me started on that one.

Yesterday evening I made the most wonderful hamburgers for dinner and we all sat down together, at the table, and talked a bit and ate the homemade fries, the good salad w/ avocado and lime juice and red onions. Then the boys helped clean up later and put things away and so it was finished quickly.
They went to their rooms for schoolwork and internet chatting and watching CNN (Ray). While I brewed tea, sat in the guest room with my feet up on the desk and considered my options for the evening. A movie at Ragtag sounded good. Instead, I bathed, told the boys goodnight and went to bed early.
And that, was yesterday.

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