Monday, March 15, 2010

ten days, four showings...

It has been ten days, with four showings and one offer, coming through at one p.m. It is now just after eleven and already this morning I have been to the bank, out to the Village of Cherry Hill twice and to the storage space I swore would be cleaned out a month ago, twice. There are boxes in the storage room downstairs. Things to be sorted through. It will all have to be done later. Tonight is Bon Jovi with the girls (a different group), then a quick workout..then...who needs sleep?
As much as I try not to get too antsy, on-edge, exited...? All the while looking and thinking, "Who would want to buy this place?", and I pray for the people who may want to buy it. Nearly three thousand square feet of a townhouse. The architecture is not usual or typical. It does have some nice features and we have so enjoyed living here. "Oh Lord..."

I wasn't always so prayerful. No. Most of my adult life has been lived, sort of "winging it", very much so and, "in sin", per se..and not even per se, but very much. Always thinking, I can do this on my own. You know? Offering up a prayer now and again as "help" was needed. Going to church periodically. Singing and things. Talking the talk, just not "walking the walk" (whatever that is). Until the perfect storm occurred, where a number of things all happened at once, working in conjunction and life. fell. apart. And so, I gave up. No, first, I became hysterical, went a bit crazy, at the end of it all rented out rooms, then, eventually, gave up. Call it a mid-life shift, it was something, it lasted over a year, it was horrible but in the end, it benefited me, oh so much.

"What did I say?" It was Shelley, she was standing in Kim's kitchen as I leaned against the counter. We were talking girl talk. It was the Saturday night party. "You don't remember do you.."..."No!" and she laughed and we talked on and then we were talking about our "country" dreams, fruit trees, berry bushes, huge gardens.."I want everything!" she was saying.."every good thing God has for me, I want it!" And it wasn't a grasping want of "things", but it was open handed, giving. She was giving her life to Christ and she was letting Him take care of the rest. She was, in essence, "giving up, giving over..perhaps even, giving in."
Is she happy? Is anyone happy? They have, these friends of mine, who follow God, who seek Him, who pray, they have a settledness, a joy. Are their lives perfect? No. Are they perfect? How can they be.

The realtor rings back. We have an offer and here it we go over the fine tuning of things. It is a good offer. It is a, we will see. Some things have to be negotiated back but it is all reasonable. And Mary texts. And I write. Soon, I will pray, and follow Him (Christ) with everything I have, because, like Shelley, I want all good things..whatever they may be...

"See, I have refined you...I have tested you in the furnace of affliction..." Isaiah 48:10.

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