Thursday, January 7, 2010

snow day

The wind blows the snow, light and crystalline. There are travel advisories across the state..Dylan was listening for school closings last night and came into the hall to tell me, "No school tomorrow", and smiled. Snow Day!..

It is late morning, Dylan and Alayna are in his room down the hall, their voices carry, the door is open. And Ray is down, down in his bedroom, two stories below us, sleeping.

Chili is cooking on the stove. The smell wafts up the stairway.
There is hot coffee nearby.
Knock-down will be applied to a few ceilings today, bills will be written out, cats will sleep twenty-two hours. I'll scrub the main tub and bleach and re-calk. There is plenty of food in the fridge and freezer for the kids in the event that I get snowed in because there is work tonight, travel advisories or not, there is work, and it is winter!

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