Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I am "friends" with my children on facebook so it is through that portal that pregnancies and piercings are discovered. What?
And the house is cleaned, but there is always more.
And the sun shines, but it is still freezing with the temperatures hovering around ten? And the furnace runs continuously, still, the house is quiet, cars pass on the street and outside, the sound of a bird? Yes, there it is, tweet, tweet, chirp, chirp, unmistakable. The cats are probably stalking and killing it. How many times did Star, as a young cat, carry into the house decapitated rabbits, live mice and birds in the throes of death..Now there are moles in my yard and he doesn't touch them.

Took pictures this morning. Of the house. Put a listing on Craig's List, however, cannot find the device to hook up the camera to the computer to download the pictures. oi.

Ray and Dylan will be home today. Supper is halfway prepared. Pork steaks and rice with raw vegetables and salad...

Talked with Chuck on the phone. "How are you doing?".."Oh, okay. Just hangin at my house..".."So what is going on between you and Natalie.."(me, nosy mom).."I don't know. I've been trying to talk to her but she is interested in another guy who lives in texas.." (Oh, my heart..) And we talk about that some. And we talk about other things, primarily other things.

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