Monday, December 7, 2009


Another Monday morning and Dylan tore through the front door this morning, up the staircase, whoosh, whoosh went his coat and me wandering over, wondering, who?what? Then he tore down the stairs. "Had to get deodorant...See you mom." And he returned the way he had come, running, shutting the doors behind him, "okay, see you" was me, but he didn't hear, was already to the car, whoosh whoosh and off he drove.

The cat Star sits at the dining room window, yawning, looking out, thinking cat thoughts, trying earlier to get his fat head in my water glass. And Ron lays in a box retrieved from the storage area, lays on a heap of winter wear, gloves, mittens, hats.

It is gray and cold. A slight breeze moves the branches of the big pine. A lone person walks a dog on the street outside, large coat, hat and scarf which covers the face and neck, no gloves though, odd.

Church was good Sunday. Though..what was it? Went after work and, oh yes, kept falling asleep and was so easily distracted and left early, not to be rude but when everyone's eyes were closed during prayer, and guess what? Not everyone closes their eyes.

It is Monday and the boys will be back tomorrow. Randy talked to me this morning, apologetic, "I may not be out for another week." And that is okay. "You have until the end of the month, don't worry." Then he told me of the awful weather in Kansas City and how far down it reached, but it hasn't hit us yet. "It is winter." And he went to work.

The cats are outside now. More people pass, walking dogs. A young couple walks by holding hands.

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